Voter Registration

Election 2018 Voter Registration Deadlines

June 5, 2018 - Last day to change your party affiliation prior to the State Primary Election.

(If you were born on or before 9/11/2000 you can register to vote for the State Primary Election.)

   Unregistered voters may register and vote on this day.*
                           Sample Ballot
               Application for Absentee Ballot

Contested Offices - Candidates
Steve Marchand  SteveMarchand.com                  
 Molly Kelly  MollyKelly.com

State Senator: 
Tom Falter  votetomfalter.com
 Melanie Levesque  Melanie4NHSenate.com

State Representative: 
Tom Harris  TomforHollis.com                                        
Michelle St. John  michellefornh.co

2018 State Primary Results

November 6, 2018 - GENERAL ELECTION DAY
   Unregistered voters may register and vote on this day.*

 *You may register in person at the Town Clerk's office up to 10 days before any election In New Hampshire. No one is permitted to register to vote during the ten days prior to an election. This allows the Town Clerk time to update and print the checklists used at the polls on election day.

Voter Information

What to bring to register to vote:

Proof of citizenship - birth certificate, passport, or naturalization papers if naturalized citizen
Proof of age - reasonable documentation indicating 18 years or older at the next election
Proof of residency - vehicle registration, current postmarked mail, lease, utility bill or payroll stub with residence

Please call the Town Clerk if you have any questions about what documents to bring. (603)465-2064

Applications to register to vote must be obtained by visiting the town clerk’s office.

Hollis Voter Registration Information

Voter ID law

Hollis Town Clerk's Office

Hollis Town Clerk: Lisa Claire

Deputy: Diane Leavitt

Phone: (603) 465-2064

Fax: (603) 465-2964

Town of Hollis: Website

Mailing address:

Town Clerk, 7 Monument Square Hollis, NH 03049

Located at: 3G Market Place, Hollis, NH 03049

Office Hours:

Schedule Timings
Monday 1 pm - 7 pm
Monday and Wednesday
8 am - 1 pm
1st Saturday of the month 8 am-11am