June Newsletter Highlights

From Resistance to Power

Anthony Procik from Rights and Democracy New Hampshire joined the Hollis Democrats’ May meeting to lead a discussion on “building power at the local level.” RADNH supports progressive candidates across the state and often partners with other groups to hold our elected leaders accountable, fight back against big money influence, and promote environmental justice and equal rights for all.
To learn more or get involved please visit www.RADNH.org.

Tell Governor Sununu to Join the U.S. Climate Alliance

President Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement and Governor Sununu still has not joined the US Climate Alliance, a coalition of governors formed to keep working on carbon reduction in their states and meet the goal that the U.S. agreed to. 14 states have joined have joined so far. See US Climate Alliance   Please write to Governor Sununu and ask him to join the US Climate Alliance. HERE

Judy’s Soapbox

Judy-sm Did you know that plastic film – plastic wrap, grocery bags, bread bags, produce bags, Ziplock® bags, cereal box liners, plastic shipping envelopes – is recyclable?

Allie Campbell, a recent HBHS graduate, is – in her own words – “on a mission to inspire sustainability and environmental awareness in the world.” And what a great job she’s been doing!

Last December, Allie started a plastic film recycling program in collaboration with the director of waste management in Hollis, and in that time, she has collected over one ton of plastic film for recycling at the Hollis Transfer Station!

Please help spread the word about this amazing project, and if you are willing to volunteer a couple hours a month to help bring the collected plastic film from the transfer station to the recycling drop-off at Hannaford in Nashua, please email Laura Bianco at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A few tips for plastic film recycling:

DO recycle retail, newspaper, dry cleaning, bread and produce bags and other plastic bags labeled #2 and #4.
DO recycle zip close food storage bags, plastic cereal box liners, plastic shipping envelopes, plastic packaging from paper towels, water bottles, etc.
DO make sure recyclables are clean and dry.
DO remove any receipts or other items from plastic bags.

 NH Democratic Party Launches Resistance Summer Program

The NH Resistance Summer program will be dedicated to building relationships and taking action with new and existing activists across the state, executing an ambitious training program to master new skills, and holding Governor Sununu and his Republican legislature accountable for their actions. We are hiring staff to organize in every county and every community.

We don't have time to waste to ensure that we secure majorities in the House, Senate, Executive Council and we take back the Governor's seat in 2018. Details on activities in our area are coming soon. Sign up today and spread the word to be part of the Resistance!

Hillsborough County Democratic Committee Elects Officers

The 2017 HCDC Caucus was held Saturday June 5th in Wilton, NH. Chairman Ray Buckley spoke to the crowded room, addressing New Hampshire’s successes, which include an all Democratic, all female delegation at the federal level. Chairman Buckley also discussed the work and opportunities that lie ahead at the state and local level.

A well-qualified field of candidates shared their thoughts on how to build on past efforts, as well as how we move forward as a political party to insure social, economic, and environmental justice for New Hampshire.
Committee Members

Chairman: Roger Lessard
Co-Chair: Matthew Hale
Secretary: William Gould
Treasurer: Karen Day

At Large Members

Gwen Whitbeck
Julie Radhakrishnan
Kermit Williams
Kim Kojak
Trudy Morgan
Martin Goulet
Laura Lynch