Voting for the Pigs

picture of pigs

While this incentive may seem ludicrous now, i​n the 1890 Congressional race in New Hampshire, citizens who voted for a particular candidate were given a live pig. ​The ​sentiment​ behind ​the gift pig​ ​in 1890 ​is the same ​one that continues​ to motivate political ​candidates today: encouraging voters to leave the sty and come to the polls.

Even if there are no longer pigs in exchange for your ballots, you can still come out to vote. Each ballot cast for Democrats is worth more than a rooster in a henhouse, because you will support​ candidates who truly believe in protecting people - and animals - and who are committed to ​making​ New Hampshire one of the best places to live in the country.

Your vote is critical this election cycle. Voting in ​an "off-year" election, for ​local political candidates,​ has major implications on how this state functions​.​ Electing Democrats this year will help to support education, safety, and the environment, as well as continuing to fatten up our economy.

Don't muddy up the waters, support Democratic candidates on November 4, 2014.