May Hollis Dems Meeting: Apportionment

The Hollis Democrats will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, May 27, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Lawrence Barn.  The featured speaker will be Bill Matthews, who was recently named by the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board as a citizen representative to the newly formed Apportionment Committee.  Apportionment concerns the division of the tax load between the two towns in the Cooperative School District.

 Bill, a long-time resident of Hollis, was a member of the Coop Budget Committee from 1996 - 2005, and served as chairman of the Coop Budget Committee from 1997 - 2004.  Bill can offer his perspective on the recent votes at the Cooperative District Meeting in March, where many people came out to vote on a bond to build an addition to the high school and to improve the athletic fields.  Votes were also taken on a change to the apportionment formula between the two towns.  Ultimately, both warrant articles failed to pass: there will be no change in the apportionment formula this year, and the building addition and the field renovations were not funded.  This can have repercussions in the accreditation of the high school.  As a result of the failure of the bond vote, the Cooperative School Board appointed a committee to look at the apportionment formula.

How are these two issues interrelated?  Bill will look at the history of the Coop’s apportionment formulas, discuss possible reasons why the two towns voted the way they did on the proposed bond, review the make up and the charter of the apportionment committee, and look at possible recommendations for changes to the apportionment formula.  As a citizen representative on the apportionment committee, Bill would like to hear your input on these important issues. Are you concerned about education at the Hollis/Brookline Cooperative School District? Concerned about future changes in the taxes that support our schools?  Want to voice an opinion or hear what others have to say?  Come to this informative meeting!